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Our team of experts have experience in treating a variety of sports-induced injuries regardless of the sport. The Preston Physio team have worked with professional athletes of international status and have successfully treated their conditions. We always provide a high level of treatment because we know how important the quality of treatment is to professionals.

​Our understanding of sports injuries is outstanding and gives us the ability to address problems quickly. We know how eager athletes are to resume training so we can assure that there will be minimal disturbance to training if you contact us early for assistance.

athlete matters

Through our years of experience working with athletes, we have learned how important training is for athletes so we will only advise training to stop if it is completely necessary. We will work closely with you to understand your condition and determine what the right next steps should be.

As general advice, we recommend that you book a consultation with our Athlete Matters team if your injury problems persist beyond 72 hours and we aim to provide appointments within 48 hours.

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